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Flight Experience In Lazio

Quick Details


Hot air balloon flight over Lazio

Take off into the skies with a 1-hour hot air balloon ride over the rolling Lazio countryside, near Rome. Get up early and get ready to take off from the village of Magliano Sabina. Experience the peaceful feeling of floating in the morning air. Look down on the suggestive landscapes below, and fly over the verdant vineyards, the sinuous hills and the majestic castles. Celebrate this experience with a glass of sparkling wine on landing. Update to include convenient pickup to and from your hotel in central Rome.

Flights in this area are only in the morning, you have to take advantage of the morning winds.
We will show you the take-off field only the day before the flight, to better evaluate the currents, and try to make you observe the best landscape. The overflying of this area has always been a great emotion, it presents itself with many woods and many times it is possible to see wild boars or foxes. What is certain is that the landscape will be pleasant and unique.