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About Us

Welcome To The Magical World Of Hot Air Balloons

You have done well to find us!
We offer you a unique experience of a real Tuscany, an old Tuscany, a Tuscany as yet almost untouched by tourism. Our ballooning experience will leave you with treasured memories to keep Tuscany fresh for you all year! See Tuscany from above, and then we can chat over a champagne breakfast and help you discover more of Tuscany from ground level.
As of May 2010 Ballooning in Tuscany is licensed in Italy for commercial passenger balloon flights by both the Swiss and Italian Civil Aviation Authorities. This has brought a new depth to our search for excellence and for safety in ballooning.
Our pilots are professionals with Commercial Pilot Licenses and many hundreds of hours of experience — you will be in the safe hands of experts.
The “Ballooning in Tuscany” idea started in 1990 when we formed the Ballon Team Italia.

The Company existed to promote the sport in the central Tuscany area near Siena, about 50 miles south of Florence. Italians have taken to the idea although most of our members — English, German, Swiss, American, Canadian, Australian, Japanese — are foreigners like ourselves who come to Tuscany as tourists, lured by the picture-book landscape, the long hot summers, the food and wine, and of course, for its artistic treasures.
The location of the launch site is an important element of a balloon ride.
We are located in an enchanted valley, surrounded by woods and pastures and a truffle reserve. Wild animals wander through our land — deer, badgers, occasionally wild boar (at night!), and lots of birds .
From here we rise up out of the valley to get a notion of the direction that we are going to take — north over the Crete Senesi and Siena, west to the canyons and steep valleys of the calanche, south to Pienza and the Val d’Orcia, or east over the 1000 ft wooded hills and into the Val di Chiana.
It is always a gratifying moment to actually catch the wind that is going to take us somewhere.

The Guys Of Our Team

Our specialists of the Balloon Team Tuscany and Balloons Italian will be at your service, to serve you and advise you in your adventure on our ballooning.

Ernesto Merz

Pilot Instructor

Marco Giomi


Elio Giannotti


Kirsten Julia Lockie

Top Manager

Gianfranco Orlando

Pilot – Instructor

Oliver Goldschmidt


Anna Goldschmidt


Pascal Goldschmidt

Pilot Manager

Ivan Vastano

Pilot Manager

Guido Montemurro

Pilot – Marketing Manager