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The Experience

Your Balloon Flight Experience

The big day is here. Yippee!

Your adventure will begin when you arrive at the launch site to be welcomed by your experienced pilot and crew. The pilot will introduce you to hot air ballooning and give you a full safety briefing.

You’ll then be invited to help with the inflation of the balloon if you wish to.
Before long you’ll be climbing into the balloon basket and will be lifting off.


Rising smoothly towards the sky, you’ll be surprised by how still it feels in a hot air balloon. It’s an almost motionless experience.
Within minutes, you’ll be cruising at several thousand feet and will be able to see around for miles. Have your camera ready for amazing views of the patchwork landscape and possible wildlife sightings.
You’ll find there’s no noise from the wind as the balloon is traveling with it. The only thing breaking the silence will be the occasional roar of the burners.


a magical hour (approx.), the pilot will find a suitable landing spot and bring the balloon back to land. After Still glowing from the experience, you’ll enjoy a glass of Champagne.
Finally, the crew will take you back to the launch site. Once home, you can relax, reflect and regale.
You’re an airborne adventurer.