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Traditional Flight In Tuscany

Quick Details

  • Briefing before take-off
  • Hot air balloon flight of about an hour
  • Transfer to return to the take-off field
  • Flight insurance coverage

Hot Air Balloon Flight Over Tuscany

Like all Tuscan landscapes, the views on this flight evoke great emotions. Many times, you can fly over the city of Siena, although it’s not guaranteed. No matter the route, flying is always a beautiful adventure, made safe by flight professionals. The overflight area can vary with the winds and with the weather on the day you make your flight. Each hot air balloon flight is unique and original, different from the previous 100 flights.

Flights in this area are only in the morning to take advantage of the morning winds. We show you the take-off field the day before the flight to better evaluate the currents and observe the best landscape. Flying over Piazza del Campo, the tower or the Duomo is always unforgettable, but it is not always possible. What is certain that the landscape will always be a big surprise.