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Hot Air Balloon Flights in Italy

Ballooning in Tuscany | Rome | Florence | Siena


Our hot air balloon tour starts from our launch site, on the margins of Siena in San Casciano in Val di Pesa. You will see all the nature, villages and hills, and if you are lucky you will see Siena or Florence.

Depending on where the wind will bring us, we could fly right above the city and its fascinating medieval buildings, or, still with the view of the city in the background, we could admire the characteristic fields of Chianti if the breeze blows towards the north, or again The sweet hills of Crete Senesi if we are directed to the south/south-east.
In any case, the experience will be unique and unforgettable!

Once landed, a pleasant surprise awaits our passengers.

Every balloon flight is unique in its kind, and it is always an adventure.
You always know where it takes off but never where the wind will take us!